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Terpenes and how they can heal

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Here is a list of some of the terpenoids found in various plants and herbs around the world, and their clinical effects:
Limonene – .06 mg/gr this terpenoid is also found in lemons; it works with CBD to give antidepressant effects and stimulates the human immune system; in mice it was found to work with CBD to decrease anxiety and depression; works synergistically with CBD and CBG to kill breast cancer cells; works with THC to decrease GERD (reflux)
Myrcene – .30 mg/gr this terpenoid is also found in hops; it works with CBD to block inflammation; works as pain-killer in mice studies when combined with CBD and THC; is sedating and was found to potentiate sleep time synergistically with THC
Alpha-pinene – .42 mg/g terpenoid also found in pine needles; it works as anti-inflammatory when combined with CBD; bronchodilation (opens lung airways) when combined with THC in human studies; anti-MRSA (Staph infection) with CBD, CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol); works as wide spectrum antibiotic
Linalool – .08 mg/gr this terpenoid is also found in lavender; has anti-anxiety effects with CBD and maybe CBG; causes sedation in mice studies; works as local anesthetic with THC; anticonvulsant and anti-glutamate with CBD, THCV and CBDV
Nerolidol – .06 mg/gr this terpenoid is also found in oranges; appears to have sedative qualities; inhibits fungal growth with CBC (cannabichromene)
Beta-caryophyllene – .17 mg/Ngr this terpenoid is found in Echinacea; it has anti-inflammatory properties with CBD; protects stomach cells with THC; binds to CB2 receptors with THC giving analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
Phytol –Not tested in terpene profile this terpenoid is also found in green tea; it appears to block the breakdown of GABA (a neurotransmitter that helps to control anxiety)
Caryophyllene oxide - Not tested in terpene profile – terpenoid also found in lemon balm; acts as an anti-fungal

The medical effects of the interaction of terpenoids with the cannabinoids is a big area of research and being investigated by many labs. As research is published and our knowledge grows, patients will benefit from being able to select the specific cannabis medication that contain the compounds that work best for their symptoms.